Happiness is a journey that begins when you are young.

We’ve always wanted to be near mums and dads during the growth their children, offering safe and innovative solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of children from the earliest days, even for the most fragile ones.
Because for us happiness is a journey that begins when you are young.
Hence the idea of a smiling brand!


Choosing J BIMBI®

means adopting  an eco-sustainable philosophy, attentive to the environment and savings, without giving up on safety and safeguarding the health  of our children thanks to a strong commitment to technological product innovation.


Environmental sustainability is a principle that we, at J BIMBI®, hold very dear because we handle children products. Children are the future and It is up to us to leave them a better world.

This is why every day we commit ourselves to develop environmentally friendly baby apparel and products that respect the rights of all workers, that do not harm the planet or have as little impact as possible, while guaranteeing the highest quality and safety.


J BIMBI® is a brand with a strong focus on technological innovation that improves the lives of families and infants in their first years of life. For this reason, all our products have certifications and patents that make them unique and are a guarantee of extreme quality and safety. Ours are not advertising slogans but scientific proofs.


In 2018, the 0-36 month bodysuits were granted an international patent for the invention of the first cotton one-size bodysuit for children from 0 to 36 months old.

Feeding bottles

J BIMBI® feeding bottles are protected by an international patent due to the special low vacuum valve that guarantees the effectiveness of their anti-colic and anti-otitis action.


J BIMBI® Joy is a brand new range of innovative pacifiers featuring a world-exclusive patent pending technology: Joy Night pacifier is the first all-silicone pacifier that glows in the dark.


At J BIMBI®, we pay great attention to safety, because when talking about babies and children, safety can never be too much. Each product has been scientifically tested to ensure the greatest possible safety for babies.

In 2010, Europe banned feeding bottles with BPA (Bisphenol A) as harmful to infant development.
J BIMBI® feeding bottles and products were the first BPA-free products in the world, a line of safe products created in 1996, well ahead of the European guidelines that arrived only 4 years later!

Since 2018, all J BIMBI® bodysuits are made exclusively in organic cotton: produced with 100% organic cotton of the highest quality that comes from organic seeds, grown in protected fields where no herbicides or pesticides of chemical origin are used.
As proven by our GOTS certification, not only we use natural fibers from organic farming but we also apply a dyeing process based on the use of natural products without toxic and eco-toxic characteristics.

There is no such thing as a perfect soother because every baby’s mouth is different and constantly growing. But with the help of experts, J BIMBI® has developed an innovative range of pacifiers that guarantee maximum safety and the highest quality standards in accordance with medical and scientific evidence.
We have developed a symmetrical orthodontic teat (teardrop-shaped) that is particularly soft and appreciated by babies. We have also chosen not to produce and market products containing caoutchouc (a latex derivative), a potential cause of allergies in babies, but only in Medical Silicone.
In addition, all our soothers do not have rings or rigid handles as recommended by the SIPPS (Italian Society of Preventive and Social Paediatrics) guidelines to reduce trauma in the event of falls.

Premature infants

Since 2020, through the My Hero project, J BIMBI® has also been dedicating special attention and significant commitment to premature babies, who are more delicate and in need of special care. A beneficial project to help Neonatal Intensive Care Units combined with a range of products designed specifically for the care and well-being of premature babies:

The J BIMBI® glass feeding bottles are particularly recommended for babies born prematurely or with cleft lip/ palate, thanks to the safety of the material (glass is hygienic, perfectly sterilizable and inert, meaning that it does not release any substance in contact with milk) and the LOW VACUUM, which makes sucking natural and less tiring even for the most fragile babies.

Premature babies are very small at birth, weighing less than 2.5 kg. They need clothes suitable for them. For this reason, J BIMBI® has designed, in collaboration with the neonatology operators, the line of My Hero bodysuits, dedicated to babies born pre-term. Extra-small size, high quality non-toxic organic cotton and kimono closure make them the ideal bodysuits for all the little heroes.

Smile pacifiers in medical grade silicone have also be manufactured in size 00-2m with a very small nipple and an ultra-ventilated shield with reduced dimensions perfect for premature babies.