Mosquito repellent for children

Baby and child mosquito repellent, portable 3-in-1 - Kitty

Children’s skin is very delicate and mosquito bites can easily irritate it, but it is difficult to protect them because most anti-mosquito products are not suitable for babies and children.
J BIMBI has thought precisely of the little ones and designed Kitty, an environmentally friendly and safe portable anti-mosquito device for children, suitable even for newborns from birth.

Kitty combines and uses 3 repellent technologies:

  • sonic emissions (with 2 levels of intensity), which are very effective because they reproduce the sound of male mosquitoes’ wings, driving away the females, the only ones that ‘sting’, in search of the blood necessary for reproduction and egg development;
  • ultrasonic emissions, high-frequency sounds not audible to either the human ear or domestic animals, but very annoying for many insects that tend to move away;
  • yellow repellent light, by plugging the mosquito repellent into the USB socket, it lights up and becomes a companion light offering an additional repellent effect that disturbs mosquitoes.

Kitty runs on a battery (included) and can be placed indoors (in the bedroom, next to the cot) or outdoors (hanging from a pushchair or bag).

Mosquito repellent for children - Kitty

portable, environmentally friendly, safe, suitable from birth


Kitty Mosquito repellent for children User Manual