Projects and Campaigns

When a smile is born

We’ll give you your first Joy

A special initiative to launch Joy, the brand new soft pacifier.

J BIMBI® will give every newborn their first Joy pacifier, because those who find Joy will never want to leave it.

Every new mum can request a free Joy GIFT 0-6 months at childcare Stores (Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Health Stores, Baby Stores, etc.) that participate in the “We’ll give you your first Joy” promotion simply by providing the child’s fiscal code (or health card).


The project that supports Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs), pre-term babies and their parents.

Why My Hero? Because babies born pre-term are the most fragile, struggling to grow up and win the battle of life showing off unimaginable strength. They are our little heroes. And so are the parents who accompany them with love by overcoming challenges they were not ready to face.

But these little Heroes would not be here and their wonderful stories would not exist without the NICU angels taking care of them and their parents.

J BIMBI® thought of the world of the NICUs and, in cooperation with their operators, designed a very special bodysuit: the “J BIMBI® My Hero bodysuit”, which will be donated to all interested NICUs in Italy.

More than 50 NICUs in hospitals across Italy have already received and are already using J BIMBI® bodysuits for pre-term babies.