Your first Joy will be our gift to you

All babies can try this innovative pacifier

J BIMBI® offers a Joy pacifier to all newborns as part of the “We’ll give you your first Joy” initiative!”
You can ask for a Joy 0-6m pacifier in childcare stores (Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Health Stores, Baby Stores, etc.) participating in the promotion, simply by providing the child’s fiscal code (or health card).

Advantages of Joy Pacifier

Joy is the all soft pacifier with symmetrical nipple never created before!

  • Made in one piece of medical silicone, it is accessible everywhere for easy cleaning.
    The ULTRA SOFT finish makes it pleasant to the touch and particularly appreciated by babies.
    It is safe because it does not contain Bisphenol A, PVC or latex, which can cause allergies.


Soft, small HANDLE
It decreases the weight of the soother and limits the chance of loss while sleeping. Makes it less traumatic in case of falls.

Ergonomic SHIELD
With large ventilation holes and massaging microbeads, it keeps the skin around the mouth dry and healthy at all times, preventing redness.

Teardrop-shaped symmetrical nipple
Soft and elastic, it adapts in every position to the baby’s mouth. It has a thin base, to allow a correct closing of the mouth, but strong, to withstand the baby’s teeth (if they are already starting to appear!).