Patents and Technologies

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International patent for J BIMBI® 0-36M bodysuits

When we had the idea of designing a line of bodysuits for newborns from 0 to 36 months and dared to make it in cotton, several experts in the field told us that it would be an impossible task.

Impossible is a word that is not found in our vocabulary.

After more than 5 years, Colpharma S.r.l. filed an international patent application for the production of the first and only one-size 0-36 month cotton bodysuit: the 0-36 month bodysuit. Since then, our bodysuit continued to grow more and more popular and today it is appreciated and requested all over the world.

As of June 2018, it is official (and it fills us with pride) because the European Patent Office (EPO) granted us the actual patent (EP32207762). What seemed impossible has become reality.

The anti-colic and anti-ear infection patented technology on J BIMBI® feeding bottles

One of the main problems that all feeding bottle manufacturers have to face is the vacuum, which is created in the bottle during sucking and can make sucking tiring or difficult for the baby, causing earaches and ear infection. The air, that has to enter to balance the vacuum, mixes with the milk and is swallowed by the baby thus causing the infamous baby colic.

J BIMBI® feeding bottles are the only ones to have the patented LOW VACUUM valve, which guarantees the lowest vacuum on the market, useful for preventing ear infections and allowing physiological and controlled sucking, very similar to feeding. The insertion of the special anti-colic cannula prevents air from mixing with the milk, reducing colic, regurgitation and reflux.



Pacifiers studied by experts and loved by babies.

Our Joy pacifiers are a new product in the field of pacifiers. Made in one piece of 100% medical grade silicone, they have a characteristic tear-drop-shaped symmetrical bulb that is safe and does not affect the correct closing of the baby’s mouth.


symmetrical teardrop


ergonomic with large ventilation holes


small and soft

A brand new glow-in-the-dark pacifier in 100% silicone

But we were not satisfied with that and we created Joy Night, a world exclusive patent pending pacifier: Joy Night are the only 100% silicone pacifiers that glow in the dark, thanks to the use of a special luminescent silicone, innovative and tested to guarantee the safety of babies.